Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little romance

Whatever happened to having a little romance in your life.
Seems like I haven't had a romantic encounter in ages. A time to feel sexy and beautiful. Where I actually feel like I matter to my husband. I know on an everyday I matter. However I want an evening alone just the two of us.

But for now its just a desire to have; with a newborn & a 4 year old in the house alone time is beyond rare. Honestly just getting a few moments alone is the best I hope for. Although even though stolen moments could be romantic.. they rarely are. I chalk it up to getting used to our son & coping with little sleep.

Hopefully soon we will get back there.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Khloè & Lamar

Lately I've been watching Khloè & Lamar and I love their relationship with each other. If you pay attention to it, you see them really enjoy each other. You get to see them resolve their issues without it tainting their marriage in a negative way. And it made me look at my own marriage to see where I could improve.
One thing I noticed is that Khloè knows when to push an issue sand when not to. She also makes sure to be there for Lamar even though she has so much going on in her career as well. I love how supportive she is even to the point of putting everyone else on the back burner for her husband and marriage.
I also like how caring Lamar is and how he takes out time for her.

So when I relate it to my marriage there are some things I can admit I need to improve on. Especially when it comes to when I go to my hubby's football games. Granted I always go however I do think I glam up when I go now so he can look into the stands like wow! (Now mind you my mom just said this to me. Lol.)
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Friday, July 15, 2011

My Life

Nowadays my days consists of being a good wife and mother to my children. One thing I don't understand is how people can down talk one of life's greatest joys. God gave us children to protect love and raise up in Him. My children are already being taught about God at 3 and 6 weeks.
I understand that some females think having children is a bad thing at a young age however I think the absolute opposite because they teach you patience and while you're young you can enjoy them a little more than if you were in your 30s or 40s. My opinion although I could be wrong. I just wish people would not make negative comments about parenthood.
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Friday, July 1, 2011


Well it's been a month and 2 weeks since I last blogged.

Here's the great news: Caleb Edward Bush was born on May 30 2011! felt like I was pregnant for forever!

Well I'm doing great...Caleb is doing fantastic, Kaylee is doing good & my hubby is great. Caleb being his spitting image.

I'm enjoying motherhood even more. And looking forward to us moving so that we are finally stable. And my princess going to actual preschool this fall. I'm extremely excited about that.

Well I know my blogging has been sparingly but so has my writing.
Hopefully once my oldest is in school...I'll start back writing more...blogging and my books.

Until next time!

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