Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today I was on Facebook and I came across a video of Carl & Kenya Stevens on The Monique Show. I absolutely loved what they made completely clear & broke down for anyone to understand.
First they made it completely clear that women need to let men be MEN. That means stop trying to be entirely too independent. Okay you may work & help out with the bills. However your Man needs to know and feel like he is the Man of your household.

Many women say I'm independent in think its a great thing. In some aspects it is, and in some aspects it is NOT. For a single woman, being independent is a great thing. However once you get in a committed relationship where marriage is on the menu, you have to learn how to shelve that independence and be dependent on your Man.

Carl & Kenya both explained the 4 roles man has in their marriage & the 4 roles woman has in their marriage. Now I know that for some men & women these roles are hard to master. For the women who are used to running their relationships & have control issues, being submissive & letting a man be the leader is going to hard but NOT impossible. Similar with men who have been "babied" their whole life & haven't had to take responsibility for anything. All it takes is being willing to change for the better. Being willing to learn what is best & what will work for your marriage.

I suggest all married couples and those considering marriage go watch this video. Especially those considering marriage and they want a successful harmonious marriage.

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