Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Government!

Okay now I must address something that has been bothering me for a little while now.
The American government seems to always butt into everyone else's affairs and because of it we, American citizens have paid the price. This goes as afar back as the different wars this country has been involved in.

Now we once again going to suffer. Yes I understand the natural catastrophes that other countries are enduring are just that natural. We does the American government have to jump on its high horse and play Captain America! I mean really they are sending out hard earned money over seas to help other countries, when THIS country needs all its money! How can you send money to another country while trying to cut healthcare spending?! That's unfair to us, American citizens, who pay our taxes & need that healthcare!
At first I was very fond of helping other countries, but I cannot be as such anymore when we have people who are homeless, with no food to eat & no clothes to wear. And this government is worried about another country who can provide for its own citizens!

I just really wish the American government would stop worrying about other countries & their problems. And start focusing on the American people & this countries problems!

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