Monday, March 14, 2011

Relationship 102

Relationships are like a highway. It goes both ways and it takes some maintenance usually at a cost (tolls) to the patrons of that highway.
So treat your relationships as such. Most of us want a great relationship with a great person. However many of us have no clue as how to get and keep such a relationship.

1. When you get into a meaningful relationship, you drop the Is for We. So that means giving up your selfish me first attitude. Try asking your partner, what makes them happy.
2. Lose the attitude of "What you won't do someone else will!" Please! You're setting yourself up for failure with that attitude. Because guess what? There may be some things your significant other doesn't do that someone else will but there is also some things your significant others does do that someone else won't do.
3. In relationships there is much give & take. So please understand that everyday won't be peaches & creme. But most days will.
4. No one is perfect. Stop expecting perfection! You will never get it. Just expect them to be the person they are, which means they may make mistakes.
5. No one is responsible for your happiness. Someone make contribute to it, but they are not responsible for it. So if you cannot be happy alone, you will not be happy in a relationship. First seek God for your inner happiness and peace.

Relationships are a gift. They are not a requirement. Be careful of the company you keep. Not everyone works well in relationships and many are good for showing their "representative"(the representative is a character a person portrays to gain your trust and adoration, usually the representative is out during the beginning of a relationship)  instead of themselves. One reason why Steve Harvey says institute a 3 or 6 month waiting period usually by then a representative is gone and the real person is out.

And put GOD first in any relationship!

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