Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am reading many different Face Book status' and different tweets on twitter & I must say I am ashamed. I have noticed that many people are treating school as if its an option when it should be a requirement. People are saying "I went back to school & I'm doing good" as if they're supposed to get a pat on the back. No school is what you NEED to be doing because if you plan to live a good comfortable lifestyle, you will need some level of education beyond a high school degree.
This is especially true for the young women who want to live a certain lifestyle but do not want to work for it. Be very certain that these days most men want a wife who is getting her own not just spending his! Which means you become attractive when you have a job, an education, some goals & aspirations. Because beauty alone is not going to cut it, especially if you have a negative attitude or an entitled attitude. Be careful to not only see how some other women live & want that lifestyle before figuring out how they got that lifestyle & how they are maintaining that lifestyle.
Many of us stay at home moms, may not work outside the household, but let me be very clear when I say we are Responsible for everything that goes on in it! From the cleaning to cooking to taking care of kids & doing laundry. So yes we are allotted to enjoy not having to be stressed from work, however we do get stressed from worrying about our house & kids & spouses daily. Some of us are even blessed to have spouses who have been blessed with good jobs so we can go out & look "fabulous". But know there's more to a lifestyle than what you see at any one moment.

For those of you with a dream: Everyone does not make it to the NBA, NFL, MBA, or even to being a major recording artist. So the rest of us who are not as blessed, or have that level of talent need to channel our energies into finding out what area we are interested in & pursue that. If you like money, go into accounting or finance. You love children, try becoming an educator {there's more than early childhood education, there's elementary school, secondary school, & even college level}. Yes many of us have our dreams, however there comes a time when you have to be realistic with yourself.

For instance if you want to become a rap artist but you have no demo nor management, how do you expect to make it happen? Attaining your dream takes more than having the dream & having faith in the dream. It takes some elbow work into making the dream come alive. Even the bible says, faith without works is dead.

So how can you want something & not work for it? Apparently you don't want it bad enough.
Find people who can help you, and more so who wants to help you. Start taking steps toward your goal. You want to play professional basketball, get into school so you can get scouted. Or with football, start in a semi-pro league until you can go to a combine to be scouted for arena or even pro leagues.

I am not saying lose your dream, I'm saying be realistic with your dream. Sometimes you may need to alter that dream to fit your reality of what you CAN obtain.


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  2. I agree with mos of what's posted here but on the other hand there are those of us who are grinding and juggling all the extras because we need to, we enjoy learning and we enjoy our current jobs. I want to be able to effect more change in education so I do tweet about my successes. I'm not looking for a pat on the back or approval. I'm single (been so for a minute) and my dating prospects (even those who are educated and living well) aren't developing into anything serious so I need to have (and I do) a goal for me and that is continuing my education whenever the opportunity presents itself. What irritates me is the young ladies who think that all they need to do is dress up and attend class and that equals success. They should be reading this post :)

  3. I agree Kerissa. This post was for people who don't have the goals that you have. Those that think taking a couple of classes means they deserve a pat on the back. I feel like I'll congratulate them when I see them graduate from undergrad, even its only an associates degree to start with. But when they have kids, how can they tell them to do something that they hadn't done.


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