Okay as a mom of a curious three year old. My life is always busy at the least. Especially with us recently deciding to take her out of daycare because she was being bullied. Now my days are filled with making sure she's learning something new & reiterating what she's already learned everyday.
However now that I'm homeschooling her, she's actually spelling her name which she didn't learn until my husband and I taught her. She also is learning to write her name and identify her letters as well as objects that start with those letters. Such as A is for apple or D is for Dora.

Honestly I am extremely proud of her for learning and myself for teaching her. I now understand the level of patience teachers have. We are planning to keep homeschooling her either until we find a school we like or until this fall when she will be four and can attend regular preschool. I just pray we are equipping her well to be able to adapt to regular preschool & be up to date with the other children.


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