Thursday, March 17, 2011


I love this city yet I hate this city!
It's my hometown... We have the Bulls, the Bears & the White Sox. But we also have young men who are gang affiliated & whom destroy our city. They shoot up our city & make it completely unsafe. Chicago is beautiful yet one of the most dangerous cities in this country.
Here I am in my living room with my family, and I hear gun shots. And the first thing to come to my mind is how pathetic these kids are. They have no lives that they want to preserve so they shoot only to end up shot. And on top of that, they are making the summer become synonymous with violence. People try to say guns kill people when really its People with guns kill People. And that's the problem, people are being cowards and using guns to fight their battles. This problem is a literal epidemic.

I really wish there was more that could be done about it but there isn't. The police aren't doing much to contain it. And the only thing I am willing do is pray & turn it over to God. Which may not seem like much but it is the best thing that can be done. God is the only person who can make these young men/kids stop what they are doing and remove them.

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