Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anger...or lack there of

We as people are always susceptible to be angry. And many of us think its perfectly fine to be angry. I however do not like to be angry, I hate how it makes me feel and how I react to it. Some times when I'm angry or harboring anger, I snap at the people closest to me, which is usually my family. And I honestly do not like to put them through that level of stress. To be snapped at for no reason, even though I apologize afterwards, it doesn't make it better.

I've been reading and trying to become a person who can better handle anger. Someone who can recognize their anger, and deal with it properly without lashing out at other people. This may seem like an easy task however its not as easy as it seems. And I've realized that I cannot do it alone. I've found a reading plan on Anger, I've finished reading through it however I may reread it. I'm a work in progress and consistently working on my weaknesses so that they are not so weak.

Eventually anger won't be a weakness for me. Soon I'll be able to see anger coming and move myself right out the way so that it does not affect me or allow me to take it out on others.

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