Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day!

So what did you do for Valentine's Day, if you did anything?

I heard so many women say they had no Valentine or were sad because the guy they thought they were with, they really wasn't? Why is it that people use holidays to define their relationships? Think about it. We say "okay, he must be serious about her if he spent the holidays with her." But what about the other days of the year? If we make a person feel special all the time, then Valentine's Day wouldn't be such a big deal, because that person would know where they stood in their relationship. For me, my hubby makes me feel special on a regular basis. So Valentine's Day was just another day but with a few extras here & there.

I would really like for people to move away from doing special things only on holidays. Send flowers "just because I'm thinking of you!" Leave a love note just because. Take her out to dinner somewhere nice, just say I appreciate you. So then when the holidays come around, you'd have no reason to question where your relationship stands.

My Valentine's Day was wonderful, I got to sleep as much as I wanted (great thing to a pregnant lady!). And I got to eat exactly what I was craving, no shortcuts! To me that meant more than anything else. TO have my hubby come home early just to spend extra quality time means more to me than gifts. But then again, anyone around me would tell you I'm the most non-materialistic person they've ever met. I'm emotionally spoiled...I need the hugs, the special attention ALL the time, not just on holidays. :-)

Hope you had a very loving Valentine's Day!

{Our daughter, Kaylee Gabriella!}
{My husband & I... Mr & Mrs Bush}

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  1. I'm laughing because you aren't the first to make the statement about people using a holiday to prove their love. I live in the show me state when it comes to relationships year round. Show me with the simple gestures you mentioned. I usually love on myself but this year I have a few trips planned so I'm saving for those things.

    Your daughter is a cutie and you and hubby are eyes and lipped locked ;) Get it and baby #2 was made! Borrowing the term emotionally spoiled..loves it!


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