Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days

So I live in this wonderful city of Chicago, where we were engulfed in a snow storm/blizzard that left us in a state of emergency because most people we snowed in starting Tuesday evening going through to Thursday. Or if you were like myself, that lived in a neighborhood that just recently (as in today) got plowed, you were snowed in until today (Friday).
Now I must admit, I am very angry. Over a few things in fact. The entire city was given advance notice of this snow storm and what the results would be, so why were we poorly prepared? Why was it that apartment complex managers scrambling to get their tenants plowed out? And furthermore why has the city of Chicago done such a piss-poor job of plowing the streets and have made a statement that they wouldn't be plowing alleys?
Think about this, if alleys in Chicago are not plowed, the garbage trucks will not go through the alleys to pick up the trash, which will lead to a back up in trash throughout the city, which will end up a big problem.
That's like my apartment complex, they decided to wait until TODAY to have our parking lots plowed. The snowing stopped Wednesday so why wait until Friday to start plowing? They could have started first thing Thursday morning but of course as usual they were very unprepared and unprofessional. In some ways, I am suffering on my own merit because I could have been moved, but like any Chicago native knows, affordable housing is very limited. And I, preferably, do not like to move constantly. I must be stable and provide a stable home for my children.

I have been praying very hard today because I have been seeing people walk to stores and gas stations, with their children and its very heartbreaking. And what's even worse is how selfish people are. Many people will only shovel their driveway, their walk path, but what about your neighbor? Who may need some type of help?

We as a people, as a whole, need to do better. A crisis like this should pull us together versus making us more "me minded."

The good that came out of these snow days, is the quality time I was able to spend with my husband, our three year old daughter and our unborn son. Majority of the time we (and by we I mean them) are constantly on the move, so to have the time to be able to spend with them uninterrupted was bliss.
But now back to our regular schedule. LOL :-)

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