Wednesday, February 9, 2011


What are your things to smile about? I ask because I see so many people frowning everyday. And then I read people's tweets and Facebook posts about their problems and issues. I know everyone has a reason to smile. Even if you think you don't, you do!
Think about it. You woke up this morning, right? That's a reason to smile because God breathed breath into your body!
Do you have children? That's a reason to smile because you have someone who loves you unconditionally that you are responsible for that smiles for reason. My daughter makes me smile everyday and so does my unborn son. Just the thought that I am their mother, I am allowed to teach them everything they will need to know in life and as well as provide for them. But I also get to watch them grow, get to hear their laughter and play with them.
Are you married? That's a reason to smile because someone loves you enough to want to spend the rest of their life with you! Yes, every marriage has their ups and downs but as long as you make it through those bumps then you're okay. There will be storms, trust me I know. But the best part is making to see your sunshine and rainbow in the sky! So smile and tell your spouse to smile too! Come up with ways to make each other smile. From a joke to making breakfast. Or go buy her flowers just because. Give him a back massage just because. Those will make you all smile!
Did you hear a bird chirp this morning? Smile, that's evidence of God's creation!
You can read this, right?! Smile, you have a computer or are able to get to one, that's a blessing!
You have food, lights, a warm place to sleep at night? Those are major reasons to smile because you have been blessed to not go without!

So think about YOUR reasons to smile and SMILE!!!

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  1. There are days I want to smack everyone who crosses my path (like this morning, I was just so frazzled) but one thing I've learned over the years is a smile makes a difference to my face and those who cross paths with me daily. After a while the smile isn't fake anymore you start to feel so much better that you have life! I'm smiling :0)


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