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Getting it Right

Have you ever wondered why when you need a breakthrough and are praying for help and guidance, nothing seems to happen?
Oftentimes it is because we are holding a grudge against someone or are withholding forgiveness.
You cannot  receive God's best, His blessings, His favor until you make things right with whomever you are having issues with.
Go to that person and either seek forgiveness or give forgiveness.
Then after that can you go to God with a clearness & receive what He has for you.

Valentine's Day!

So what did you do for Valentine's Day, if you did anything?

I heard so many women say they had no Valentine or were sad because the guy they thought they were with, they really wasn't? Why is it that people use holidays to define their relationships? Think about it. We say "okay, he must be serious about her if he spent the holidays with her." But what about the other days of the year? If we make a person feel special all the time, then Valentine's Day wouldn't be such a big deal, because that person would know where they stood in their relationship. For me, my hubby makes me feel special on a regular basis. So Valentine's Day was just another day but with a few extras here & there.

I would really like for people to move away from doing special things only on holidays. Send flowers "just because I'm thinking of you!" Leave a love note just because. Take her out to dinner somewhere nice, just say I appreciate you. So then when the holida…

Great News

Today I received confirmation that I have been selected as a contributing writer for SHE Agency! For me that's a great accomplishment. To be a featured writer, with a broader audience. I hope many of you get a chance to check out SHE Agency! Very soon you will be able to see my info up there as a part of their staff!
Once again I am truly honored! And thankful to God for providing me with this opportunity.

Their website is

Quick Thoughts

Claim, receive and be thankful. Everyday we sit and we talk, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. I challenge you to reshape your reality by claiming what you want in life, then thank God for allowing you to have it (if it is in His Will) and the receive it (have faith that you will receive it)! Many of us say "one day I'll have this or that." No say I am going to this/that very soon, it may not be here today but it will be here soon and God I thank you for it! That's the point of the vision board, to visualize the things you are claiming.  Even Jesus himself said "ask and it will be given to you, search and you will find, knock and the door will be opened unto you." That applies in every area of life. If you search for God, you will most definitely find Him. If you knock on the door of opportunity, the door will be opened.  Now be very careful to remember that God works on His time and not ours. So when He's ready for us to receive our blessings, our…

Guest Blogging

I did my first guest blog this week! I am beyond excited! Its for a fellow blogger who I also follow on twitter. She's a teacher. I love her tweets & blog. So when she decided to try it I definitely jumped on the bandwagon! I read my post a few minutes ago and was happy with my guest blogging. I hope she is as pleased and her readers as well, since her blog has a very nice flow of readers.

If any of you would like to check it out, please do so at:

It's absolutely fabulous! I hope to one day get to have the audience (diverse & amount of readers) that she does!

Happy Thursday! Stay blessed!


What are your things to smile about? I ask because I see so many people frowning everyday. And then I read people's tweets and Facebook posts about their problems and issues. I know everyone has a reason to smile. Even if you think you don't, you do!
Think about it. You woke up this morning, right? That's a reason to smile because God breathed breath into your body!
Do you have children? That's a reason to smile because you have someone who loves you unconditionally that you are responsible for that smiles for reason. My daughter makes me smile everyday and so does my unborn son. Just the thought that I am their mother, I am allowed to teach them everything they will need to know in life and as well as provide for them. But I also get to watch them grow, get to hear their laughter and play with them.
Are you married? That's a reason to smile because someone loves you enough to want to spend the rest of their life with you! Yes, every marriage has their ups and downs b…

Snow Days

So I live in this wonderful city of Chicago, where we were engulfed in a snow storm/blizzard that left us in a state of emergency because most people we snowed in starting Tuesday evening going through to Thursday. Or if you were like myself, that lived in a neighborhood that just recently (as in today) got plowed, you were snowed in until today (Friday).
Now I must admit, I am very angry. Over a few things in fact. The entire city was given advance notice of this snow storm and what the results would be, so why were we poorly prepared? Why was it that apartment complex managers scrambling to get their tenants plowed out? And furthermore why has the city of Chicago done such a piss-poor job of plowing the streets and have made a statement that they wouldn't be plowing alleys?
Think about this, if alleys in Chicago are not plowed, the garbage trucks will not go through the alleys to pick up the trash, which will lead to a back up in trash throughout the city, which will end up a bi…

Pregnancy Pact

Today I watched the movie Pregnancy Pact, from beginning to end. And I mean REALLY watched it, payed attention to the message it was sending. And then I went to research the movie and get a general idea of the public's view of teen pregnancy and how they felt the movie portrayed teenage girls.
One thing I have realized is that some people are completely disillusioned as the people in Glouchester, Mass. who honestly believe their was no pregnancy pact or at least an agreement or a mutual desire between those girls to all get pregnant. I'm a mother I have a three year old and I'm pregnant with my second. So I can tell you the envious stares and comments I received when I pregnant with my first when I was 19-20 years old. If my 17 year old god-sister can say "you're so lucky to be having a baby. I've been trying for years to get pregnant", then what does that tell you about our society and how young girls view pregnancy. Granted Hollywood does glamorize pregn…