Monday, January 10, 2011

Luck vs. Blessings

What is luck and what are blessings? Have you noticed the difference between them?

Do you know that luck is of the devil? It is his way to be like God. He knows that God gives blessings and he tries to outdo God by giving out luck. And people do not understand this point.
That is why I no longer say "good luck." I now prefer to say "favor and blessings to you." That way if something is meant for them by God's Will they will receive it and if not then they won't.

You have to know these things to be an effective person. To build a stronger relationship with God you must know how to worship Him, you also must know the things that cannot be combined with Him. Luck is one of those such things.
God and luck will never mix, like oil and water.

You can never want God's best if you are thinking you have luck on your side. God gives out ONLY favor and blessings. God may bestow a gift upon you, and it's your responsibility to use that gift for His glory.

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