Sunday, January 2, 2011

Life..depressed state of mind

Sometimes Life deals you things you feel are too much to deal with or too much to bear. But how do you know the difference between being depressed and being stressed out. Sometimes you really could be depressed and not even know it because you are so caught up with everything else going on in your life. Then other times you could be just stressed out and trying to blame your behavior on something more serious.

I have to say that sometimes you must question yourself and your motives. Because if you are saying "I'm depressed" and you're really just looking for an out. Then you're wrong and eventually will have to face your problems and accept responsibility for your actions. Everything can't be blamed on other people or conditions. Nor can you go through life thinking someone other than God will hold your hand and make everything better when you cannot handle things.

I must admit I am slightly angry. Because I have a dislike for anyone who tries to blame their irresponsibility on other things. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions. If you have to pray day in and day out, do so. Because there won't always be someone there to take on your problems and issues. And you don't want to push  away the people who genuinely care and are there for you.

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