Thursday, December 9, 2010

New month...New year

Wow...2010 will no longer be upon us in a matter of weeks! Have you accomplished anything this year?

This year I became a Mrs. I got a new car and moved into the city. I enjoyed my year! However there were some things I wished I had done. One thing being I wish I saved more money this year. There's always a need for having a good nest egg. Granted we're building one now...I just wish we would've started a while ago.

For next year we are already preparing for. There is a new baby making its way for summer 2011. Then there is the trip we're taking in February..not telling the location until then! Not to mention most likely moving again and maybe back to the suburbs this time. I receive my associates of science in accounting fall of 2011. And if we're blessed...we'll be celebrating my hubby's ascent into either arena league or indoor football league! So there will be plenty to celebrate next year. Not mention just living to see another year.

I just hope everyone accomplishes what they set to accomplish.

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