Thursday, December 30, 2010


There are times when all you can do for a person is pray. Have you ever known someone so disillusioned about what's really going on that they are attacking the people that love them? You want to help but it just seems as though your help is unwanted. So you sit up and think how can you help them. All you can do is pray, because when you don't know what to do, God knows exactly what to do and how to get His point across. We just have to remember we don't always know what's best nor will we always be right. All we can do is pray because God will always know. And that's the absolute best that we can hope for.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


This is something that I have noticed when I am on facebook and scrolling through. People can be extremely negative and not wonder why negativity is so prevalent in their lives. Young men and women are blatantly degrading and disrespecting themselves... how can you possibly want someone to treat you as if you are a diamond if you are treating yourself like glass? It's not possible or rarely possible. And worse is the lack of respect for the elders on facebook. Let's be honest the average person on facebook has a mom or dad, an aunt or even grandparent on facebook. So in knowing that, why so much profanity and disregard.
I am seeing profile pictures that look as though they should belong in XXX magazine not on facebook. Not to mention the status that have profanity. I read one status that said "who wanna come over and drink with me at my house?" now when you think about it that's not so bad, considering you are someone who drinks alcohol. But what got to me is the fact that this person still lives at home with his mom. That's disrespecting your mom's household whether you know it or not.
Girls on facebook are consistently stating that they are women and that they deserve the best. Being a woman is a whole lot more than reaching the age of majority or conceiving children. Its an attitude, a mindset, a way of life. Deserving the best goes beyond saying it. It's carrying yourself in such a manner that you don't have to say it, it's immediately understood.

I am addressing this topic because facebook has become something that everyone uses, to the point that your employer may be on facebook. So at that point you need to heavily reconsider what you are putting on facebook for all to read. Be aware that God can read what you are putting on facebook. So if you are degrading yourself to another human, a common person. How do you think God, our creator is viewing what you are doing?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I did, did I?

Marriage its not quite everything it's cracked up to be.
Granted its great always having someone to come home to. Someone you can trust and love unconditionally. However you also have to deal with that person's flaws as well as their perfections. You may love how well a person is educated, but then you realize they fall short in the organizational department. Or how wonderfully kind and generous they are. However get on their bad side and you could hear about it for weeks! Think about how much your family loves her, however when its "that time of the month" she turns into Medusa for a week.
I guess the real part of the love in the marriage is when you stay even after gnashing your teeth about something they've done that you don't like.
Sometimes you'll find yourself staring at a wall wishing you didn't then the next day you could be feeling like you're honeymooning again. Even I have those days when I question "Why did I ever get married" but then he does something amazing that has me responding..."oh yeah, that's why." Then there are the times when you feel like you could mentor anyone on the subject, and something rocks the boat and you have to question yourself again.
Some days but not many I tell myself, I didn't sign up for this. I didn't sign up to be unhappy. But then I recognize that I'm not unhappy ALL the time just some days. And as long as they don't outnumber the happy days I'm good.
Marriage has it's ins and outs...its dos and don'ts. The question you face is: Are you really and truly ready for all that it entails? Because once you say I do...may say "did I really" afterwards.

I'll never knock marriage though. Even for the people who had to call it quits for one reason or another. I applaud the ones who haven't shut love out...because isn't that the reason we say I do anyways?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dreams & Reality

When you're growing up, you have this idealistic view of how marriage would be. You know, how your husband would be, how he'd treat you, how many kids you'd have (or if you even thought that far). But did you ever think marriage would be the way it really is?
I mean when I was thinking of marriage, I thought of my glamorous wedding all planned by me & my mom. I thought of my husband being no shorter than six feet tall with the cutest dimples. I thought of roses on my nightstand every morning and romantic dinners. I thought of long romantic walks that seemed to never end. However the married life I have now is anything but. We have a beautiful yet unpredictable three year old (mine from a previous relationship) and we were both workaholics...well he still is. I'm getting used to not really working anymore..maybe writing an essay here and there but nothing steady or permanent. Yet its still not the life I envisioned. I had dreams of this beautiful home in the suburbs with a yard big enough to run around in. We currently live in the city with high hopes of making it to the suburbs in the near future.
Now don't mistake me for ever complaining, I would never do such a thing. My husband is kind and generous. He's very loving and supportive. And that I wouldn't change ever!

I've just thought about the differences between my dreams and my reality.


For every day that you wake up is another day that you have to make a difference...another chance to become a better person...another chance to help someone else. Each new day should be taken with thanks and gratitude because you didn't have to live to see it. 
Some times you have to get rid of your own thoughts and expectations of life...before you can really enjoy it. Every thing won't always go the way you want...nor will every situation be the one you want. But a lot of the time, what you want and what you need are two entirely different things.
Be thankful. Could you start your day with a simple prayer of thanks? All it would take from you would be 2-3 minutes of telling God thank you for letting you see the next day, thank Him for protecting you and keeping you out of harm's way.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New month...New year

Wow...2010 will no longer be upon us in a matter of weeks! Have you accomplished anything this year?

This year I became a Mrs. I got a new car and moved into the city. I enjoyed my year! However there were some things I wished I had done. One thing being I wish I saved more money this year. There's always a need for having a good nest egg. Granted we're building one now...I just wish we would've started a while ago.

For next year we are already preparing for. There is a new baby making its way for summer 2011. Then there is the trip we're taking in February..not telling the location until then! Not to mention most likely moving again and maybe back to the suburbs this time. I receive my associates of science in accounting fall of 2011. And if we're blessed...we'll be celebrating my hubby's ascent into either arena league or indoor football league! So there will be plenty to celebrate next year. Not mention just living to see another year.

I just hope everyone accomplishes what they set to accomplish.

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