Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Have you noticed that women outnumber men? Well if you are paying attention you have noticed. And one thing I have noticed is that women have these "LISTS" that have the standards that men must meet in order to be "MARRIAGE MATERIAL". I have completely shaken my head and wagged my finger at the women who have these lists!

Women you have to open your EYES and realize that many of may Never get married because of this ratio! And you have the nerve to be beyond picky. Yes I understand that many of us are educated, so we want our man to be educated. But have you thought about the fact that some men are not where they want to be but are on their way there? YES its true. For instance would you want a handsome educated man to tell you, you aren't worthy of being his woman because you aren't educated yet, or finished with your education? No you'd be INSULTED.

So don't insult a man by saying the same thing to him. This is especially true of Black women. Black women will tell a man quick you don't have enough money or you not educated so get to steppin'! When really you need to look at that man's work ethic, his character, and find out what is his goals and ambition. You may be surprised to find out that man is everything you've ever wanted.

More over, many women need to get over the thought that you're going to marry some wealthy man! Its hardly liable to happen unless you get lucky. But nowadays its very likely you will marry an average man with above-average qualities! Be appreciative of what you do have.

Now this is not to say that every man is Prince Charming, because that is not true. I am just saying Ladies lower your standards to give the everyday man a chance to show you that he's more than worthy of your time.

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