Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reflection on Church Today

Today my pastor {Dan Willis of Lighthouse of All Nations church} had such an encouraging and very truthful sermon, that I had to share.

Ask yourself this question, how often do you give generously? And how often do you give generously to God? Now just think if you gave more to God, how much more he would restore to you. Many of us, always give grudgingly as if we do not want to give at all. Now how would you feel if that was the way God bestowed his blessings upon us.

Now think of how you pray to God. Many of us pray and are always asking God for things/money for ourselves. So what if you changed your prayer to, God I ask that you bless me to be fortunate enough to be able to bless my ministry with 100,000.00? That prayer is asking God to help you bless Him and His ministry. See if you worry about what God needs, then He'll worry about your needs... Tell God thank You for what He's doing for you. Tell Him thank You for blessing you so you can bless the ministry.

Make a promise for 30 days to ONLY pray for a blessing to be a blessing to God's ministry. Do not pray for yourself or anything to benefit your household. Wait and see the turn around. Wait and see how well God blesses you to bless Him. Wait and see that all your needs and wants are met, because you are taking care of God's needs.

Ask God to have His Will for you, guide your life. Ask that your carnal desires be snuffed out and that you only desire to please God and do God's Will.

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