Monday, May 10, 2010


So much happiness is waiting to be tapped into. Every second of the day is a chance to obtain that happiness, a chance to put a smileon your face that may put a smile on someone else's face. Did you know that some of the most simple things can generate happiness of the highest degree? For me I have so much excess happiness in my life because I try to stop to enjoy the roses. I understand that some people are career focused and that's GREAT. However what happens when all you have in life is your career but no one to share in the joy of your achievements or you've past up some great opportunities to enjoy life? Don't miss out on some of life's simple pleasures. Parks are a simple pleasure, Beaches are a simple pleasure. Friends are one of life's richest pleasures. Children are one of life's most beautiful and treasured pleasures. Some people don't understand why people {most} with children are thankful for their children. Life may seem a bit harder with children... However there's a certain quality to life that children bring, an attained level of smiles & laughs that you experience with them. The smile of a child is so beautiful and pure. How can you see a child that is happy and healthy and not be happy yourself?

Happiness can come from things that you do. For me I enjoy writing and reading. They bring a different type of joy to my life because I enjoy knowledge. I like to learn to new things and stay abreast of new technology. Thats joy for me. However I know how to take some time out to go to the park and enjoy the scenery.

Then there are people who genuinely enjoy their work. I know people who go to work faithfully everyday because they enjoy their job. And those are the BEST jobs to have. When you can go to work and actually enjoy what it is that you do...that's success.

You can only obtain happiness from within.
To be passionate about the job you do is SUCCESS.

No matter how much you may are successful because you are happy.

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