Monday, May 10, 2010


What is fear? And why do people let it rattle them so much? Fear is being afraid or scared. But how can you let fear control your life? Fear is something to conquer! Its something that you face head on & tame. Fear is a way of admitting defeat without saying the actual words.
To conquer your fears is your way of triumph. To defeat fear you have to face it head on. Don't look down and be confident. Look at yourself as the champion and as though you have already won.

If you have a fear of heights sit at the window seat next time you fly. Or go on a rollercoaster. Try a high slide at a water park.

If you have a fear of relationships place yourself in one and confide in your partner that you are afraid. Let that person know that you will give your relationship everything you've got in exchange for understanding and patience.

If your fear love, try loving yourself first {genuinely loving yourself}. Take yourself out on dates. Pamper yourself. Then slowly let someone in, remember that you will never know unless you TRY. Love can be something so beautiful and profound if you let it. Love can be kind and patient. Love can heal you.

Then main point is to face your fears head on & don't back down. Stand your ground as life your life depended on it because in actuality your life DOES depend on it. Your quality and health of your life depends on you conquering your fears.

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