Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've noticed that when we aren't looking and aren't trying that's when we find what we're looking for.

Give people a chance to show you who they really are because sometimes you may be amazed at who they reveal themselves to be. I have this friend that I had thought was arrogant but once I let him show me who he is, he's really not arrogant at all. And the person I just knew wasn't arrogant happened to be the person who is actually arrogant.

Then, there are second chances sometimes a person may royally screw up and we want to just wash our hands of that person. But sometimes you may need to give them a second chance and even if you don't tell them that they have received a second chance. Just do it anyways!

Take the chance on not holding a grudge. On being happy and finding a reason to smile every day. Take the chance on being happy and putting the past behind you. Take the chance on letting out your inner royalty. Yes there's an inner Royal in you. But royalty is humble and kind. Confident and gracious. That's the kind of royalty that you should reveal.

Every woman has an inner Queen, every girl has an inner Princess. But it takes someone special who is willing to take the chance on loving them and treating them right to release that royalty. It's the same with Men and their inner King. Did you know if you take the chance on talking to a man's inner King, he will SHOW you his inner King? If you take the chance on showing him your appreciation and love and gratitude his inner King will shine so bright!

I take the example of men, because women always say they want their King, their knight in shining armor. When he can be right there in front of you but you aren't addressing him correctly.
If you want your man to be willing to do things with you, INVITE him to do those things with you! Most men are willing to take the chance on trying new things if he knows that it's what you want.

Its the same with women! Guys if you make your lady feel like she's your Queen, she will behave like your Queen. Women will cook clean and look regal when you give them a reason to want to. Women are emotional creatures. We thrive upon adoring looks and knowing that we are beautiful to you. We thrive upon knowing we are loved and appreciated. Women have to hear the words. Whereas men can just know how we feel by the way we treat them...we need those words. We need the intimacy they create.

Now don't get me wrong, some men need intimacy as well. Some men need to know that they are the only guy you want and love. And to me that's just as well, since we women have a tendency to wear our feelings on our sleeves.

My point is to take chances on life on love on experiences.

Monday, May 10, 2010


What is fear? And why do people let it rattle them so much? Fear is being afraid or scared. But how can you let fear control your life? Fear is something to conquer! Its something that you face head on & tame. Fear is a way of admitting defeat without saying the actual words.
To conquer your fears is your way of triumph. To defeat fear you have to face it head on. Don't look down and be confident. Look at yourself as the champion and as though you have already won.

If you have a fear of heights sit at the window seat next time you fly. Or go on a rollercoaster. Try a high slide at a water park.

If you have a fear of relationships place yourself in one and confide in your partner that you are afraid. Let that person know that you will give your relationship everything you've got in exchange for understanding and patience.

If your fear love, try loving yourself first {genuinely loving yourself}. Take yourself out on dates. Pamper yourself. Then slowly let someone in, remember that you will never know unless you TRY. Love can be something so beautiful and profound if you let it. Love can be kind and patient. Love can heal you.

Then main point is to face your fears head on & don't back down. Stand your ground as life your life depended on it because in actuality your life DOES depend on it. Your quality and health of your life depends on you conquering your fears.


So much happiness is waiting to be tapped into. Every second of the day is a chance to obtain that happiness, a chance to put a smileon your face that may put a smile on someone else's face. Did you know that some of the most simple things can generate happiness of the highest degree? For me I have so much excess happiness in my life because I try to stop to enjoy the roses. I understand that some people are career focused and that's GREAT. However what happens when all you have in life is your career but no one to share in the joy of your achievements or you've past up some great opportunities to enjoy life? Don't miss out on some of life's simple pleasures. Parks are a simple pleasure, Beaches are a simple pleasure. Friends are one of life's richest pleasures. Children are one of life's most beautiful and treasured pleasures. Some people don't understand why people {most} with children are thankful for their children. Life may seem a bit harder with children... However there's a certain quality to life that children bring, an attained level of smiles & laughs that you experience with them. The smile of a child is so beautiful and pure. How can you see a child that is happy and healthy and not be happy yourself?

Happiness can come from things that you do. For me I enjoy writing and reading. They bring a different type of joy to my life because I enjoy knowledge. I like to learn to new things and stay abreast of new technology. Thats joy for me. However I know how to take some time out to go to the park and enjoy the scenery.

Then there are people who genuinely enjoy their work. I know people who go to work faithfully everyday because they enjoy their job. And those are the BEST jobs to have. When you can go to work and actually enjoy what it is that you do...that's success.

You can only obtain happiness from within.
To be passionate about the job you do is SUCCESS.

No matter how much you may make....you are successful because you are happy.

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