Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Love Me

I love me wholeheartedly. Thats self-love.
But the real definition of self-love is knowing your value and treating yourself according to how much you value yourself at. This means to give yourself the treatment you deserve. IF you believe you are worth a millions bucks THEN act like it. Even if you do not have all the financial resources available. Your confidence & self-love will shine through and you will soon have the financial resources you need & deserve.

I love to watch video blogs by Shanel Cooper-Sykes. WHy? Because she's honest to a fault. And she gives out information that we all could use in a positive light. She makes something that at point was complex, seem apparently simple.

I take what I learn from her along with what I learn from reading my bible & what I learn from my relatives and that's how I keep everything rolling. I take the best of everything around me and implement it in my life. I try to see the good in everything that I come into contact with or experiences I have.

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