Friday, January 8, 2010

Love thy self

Don't you just love the person that you are? If you do..........Congrats on your self-love. I encourage those who do not completely & truly love themselves, to look in the mirror. Look at how intricately beautiful you are! Look at how God made you a one of a kind master creation. Even Identical twins have something that makes him or her different. Every person has their flaws. I say learn to love your flaws because the person who truly & unconditionally loves you does not pay your flaws any attention. So why should you.

I understand that there are some people who have body issues. I am one of them. Most people, who know me, would never believe that I have my insecurities as well. I am skinny. I always have been, I can show pictures from any age & I will be skinny in the picture. My issue with myself is my skinniness I hate being so thin & I love being so thin. I like being thin because I have less health risks (high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease) yet I hate being thin because as a black woman there is this stereotype that you have to be "thick" with a "big butt." While there are many of us who are not "thick" nor do we have a "big butt." I am one of those black women who are thin with a shape. And it has taken my entire life to become comfortable with my body.

The main difference between skinny girls & obese women is that at least obese women can generally change their body. They can have gastric bypass surgery or get the lap band, they can diet and exercise and that have the body that they desire. Skinny women do not have the option of dieting & exercise to gain weight. I am about 5'9 and at this height to me, I do not feel comfortable being under 135 lbs, because once I fall under 135 lbs I start to look anorexic as if there's something wrong with me. I like the weight I am at now, about 145 lbs. I feel comfortable in anything that I wear. For someone overweight it probably sounds crazy that skinny women also have body image issues but we do.

I have this one friend who's a big girl and always got a skinny girl joke. After a while I had to tell her to STOP with the jokes. I pointed out that the skinny jokes aren't funny, how would she like it if I kept cracking fat girl jokes. People don't understand that skinny girls do not like people poking fun at us just like fat/obese/big girls don't.


I am currently coming to terms with my weight and the fact that I am probably meant to be thin. And that's fine I can accept being thin.

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