Friday, January 1, 2010


Being healthy is so important. Taking care of the body that GOD gave you is so important. We only receive one body in this lifetime so we must take care of that body so that we may enjoy life abundantly. Health is so important because if you aren't mentally healthy how can you be physically healthy or emotionally healthy? I say this because when you are depressed (mentally unhealthy) you start suffering physical ailments (clinically proven). When you are emotionally unhealthy you don't particularly take out the necessary time to make sure you are physically healthy.

You have to be healthy. You have to take care of yourself. If that means exercising on an everyday basis then so be it. Turn your exercise into something you enjoy. Dancing is an all over exercise. Skating is an all over exercise. Yoga is a physical & mental exercise. Riding a bicycle is great exercise. The main point to understand is that exercise doesn't have to be disappointing.

Being healthy is more than just for yourself, it's also for your family & friends. Being healthy will allow you to literally enjoy life. Just think if you're always out of breath & tired, how can you enjoy what life has to offer? If you have kids, don't you want to play with your kids? People always want to go on vacation; wouldn't you like to go as well?

Being healthy can also be a state of mind. Meaning that to be physically healthy you have to believe it as well as doing the actual exercise. Even with emotional health you have to believe in your happiness & actually feel your happiness.

As you are starting your New Year remember that your health should be in your top priorities. Do you expect God to live in toxic waste? No? Then why should you?

And to make your exercising more fun & meaningful, enlist the help of your friends & family. Have someone exercise with you. Have someone call, text, and email you to keep you motivated. With your mental & emotional healthy do the SAME thing. Make your friends & family aware of what's going on with you & ask them to help keep you motivated.

My family likes to do what we call, "our secret parties." We get together to enjoy each other's company, we catch up on each other's lives. We share our experiences & help each other with any problems. We cry together & celebrate together. We are cousins & friends. We are our own support group. I'd like to share that with anyone who needs it. If you need a warm loving support group, we can start one. Even if we need to telecommunicate, that's fine. That's the whole purpose of this blog is to help any way that I can.

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