Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm watching the news channels and my heart is so heavy. Once again a natural disaster is killing our people. (And I don't mean people as in race, as in people in general) It hurts so bad to watch because I am here in Chicago without much to help. I pray and I hope God hears the prayers & feels the tears & touch upon people's hearts who have it to give. Who can go over there and help with damage control.

It feels like we're going through this again. Didn't we just go through this with Hurricane Katrina? Didn't we see so many people die & get stranded?

My main question is…why weren't those people evacuated??! I know someone had to detect something before it happened. And why is relief just getting there today? People have private jets & planes & helicopters!

Have you done your part? Even if it's just a prayer or $5, it doesn't matter as long as you do something.

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