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UltraThin Reference Bible

A good Bible is always hard to resist. Usually, I enjoy a good study bible. However, a good reference bible is just as necessary as it allows the Bible to be its own commentary.
Holman Publishers recently came out with a ultrathin reference Bible. I love that it is seriously thin, it can easily slide in my bag for church and to take to work (yes I take a bible to work to read on my lunch break). It's much lighter than one of my study bibles.

The one I was sent to review is brown leather, a classic appearance. The print isn't too big or too small. 
But the best part? The center column cross reference system. Above is an example of the cross reference system. There a letter next to the verse which corresponds to a verse in the middle column. 
I like being able to read a physical Bible and look up the references myself and allow the Bible to interpret itself.I have grown rather fond of this translation as it is actually pretty close to the NASB (at least from what I have observe…