Monday, November 14, 2016

Devotions for a Deeper Life

A deeper life?
What exactly does that mean? Deeper in what aspect?

Well for the devotional I picked up by Oswald Chambers, deeper is spiritually deeper.
And considering the world and everything going on, can't we all go a little spiritually deeper, a little more intimate with God?
I raise my hand yes we do (at least I do).

Oswald Chambers helps us get there with this devotional. Each one starts with a passage, nothing too cheesy but enough to provoke thought. To cause me to stop and really ponder what I am reading. And then the full context of the main verse is given so that we can study further, study deeper on that day's topic. 
The book itself is nice sized not too big, its adequately sized to throw in a bag to read while commuting (train/bus/plane) or even to just take along to work to read while on break. There's also a bookmark ribbon to mark where you left off. Plus it is dated so no matter what just go to today's date and jump right in. 

Before I was really adhering to using my Jesus Calling devotional but after coming across this one, I've become a tad bit more interested in this one because it is clear that the speaker is not Jesus but is inspired by God. 

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