Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jesus wants His church back??

Jesus called and He wants His church back.
Now of course that statement isn't literal, but it packs quite the punch when thought about.
For example, when we think about the church here in America, we see that there is so much inconsistency to point that one thing that is surely consistent is offense and disobedience.
Many times we, Christians, argue when people disagree with us. Rather than loving them in spite of the differing perspectives. We try to damn them to hell instead of loving them to heaven.

Ray Johnston, has written this book to address the fact that the church does more of what IT wants rather than what GOD wants. We have become comfortably lukewarm and we often forget that God spits out the lukewarm (chapter 6).
We are comfortable watching from the couch or social media rather than getting up and getting literally involved. 
Then Johnston, presents Jesus in seven different ways: Jesus who wants us fully alive; Jesus who wants us to stop playing it safe; Jesus who wants to use us; Jesus who redefines greatness; Jesus who is inviting; Jesus who still believes in the church; and Jesus who is a magnet for sinners.

I think like the Pharisees, many of us forget that Jesus came for those who were in need of Him. If you got it all together then where do you need Him?  If you refuse to acknowledge your sin, then what do you need Him who took on the price of your sin?

I think this book is good, it is greatly needed. Because this generation has the greatest access. Access to bibles, access to church, access to other countries.

{FYI I received this book through the BookLook Blogger program in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

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