Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kids' Devotional Bible

Does anyone else's children like having their own bibles??
*Raises and waves hand profusely*

My children, like having their own bible and being able to sit with me when I read my bible. They like knowing that when I grab my bible for church on Sunday, they can grab their bibles. For example, today is Sunday and my kids immediately made sure to grab their bibles on the way out the door to church.  They also like being able to look and read along in their bible when I'm reading aloud during our morning devotions.

Since I'd allowed my daughter to keep the Color Bible for herself, since she likes that many verses are already highlighted and color coded to tell her what she is reading about. 

This is one is for my boy. He's a new reader (5 years old) so thankfully this NIRV bible breaks the verses down for him to be able to learn to read without too much difficulty. I also like the fact that he can actually color in the bible with the different drawings that are in it, which for him is a HUGE plus. 
The devotions are nice, short and to the point. He isn't too concerned with them right now as he's focusing on the Scripture itself for when we do morning devotions.  

This is a fun bible, its easy to read, and it's clear it was produced with children in mind.

{FYI: I received this bible in exchange for my HONEST opinion through the BookLookBlogger program.}

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