Monday, August 29, 2016

I am found

So I am so excited about this bible study it is in a series of bible studies by Moody Publishers just for women. The first one, An Unexplainable Life, I also reviewed here
This bible study is about me, about you. Women are trying to be seen and known by God but when we sin and are ashamed we tend to hide. For me when I am ashamed I literally hide out in my bedroom. 
I love this study for that very reason it is challenging me to stop hiding from God, from my husband. It is also teaching me to stop "not being bothered" with other people. It is nothing personal against them, I just often prefer my own company to that of others. 

The blurb is: 
I Am Found summons us from the shadows and into the light. This 6-week Bible study on shame and freedom explores: why we hide from God and others, why God’s love frees us to come out of hiding, what it looks like to live like we’ve been found, and how to cultivate relationships that encourage vulnerability

And that is exactly what this study does. It has encouraged me to turn to GOD when I feel ashamed, when I have sinned. It is encouraging me to stop hiding from my husband when we have disagreements. It is encouraging me to not hide from people outside of my home when they may offend or insult me.

Here are some fun things I found on the Moody Publisher's Women page to go with this study. Also if you go on the page, you will find a study tool (Download Excerpts) from Moody Commentary which allows you to read the commentary to go with the the Scripture found in the study. (AWESOME.)

Moody Publishers also allow ministry leaders the ability to receive a FREE copy of this study to use with their study groups, which I think is pretty awesome. 

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