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2 new books by Zonderkids!

So for the month of March, we received a few new books to review. 2 of them being children's books for emerging readers. These books are at different reading levels. Our 4 year old is too young for both of these books, but he enjoys having us read "Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet" to him and looking at the pictures. Our 8 year old can read both books but of course as a girl she likes "The Princess Twins and the Tea Party" better. I love that Zondervan has taken to publishing faith based emergent reader books!

The above book as can be told by the title is about Elijah's story in the bible. The major story of Elijah confronting the prophets of Baal on the mountain is what is being retold in this book. You can read this in the bible in 1 Kings 18. I love the use of pictures when retelling this story so that younger readers can have an image to go with the story which actually helps with retaining the story.

The above book is actually apart of a series of boo…