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Trying Bible journaling?

So I've finally got my hands on a journaling bible, thanks to my amazing hubby! And I must say, I love it! I got a single column ESV journaling bible (I got mine through and it is fantastic with the extra space to write in my bible. For me that writing is reflection on what I read and quick prayers. I've got the hardback edition which has the ribbon bookmark and the little stretchy band to hold it close (I have no idea what its really called, lol). Here's a little something I learned when getting mine, sometimes its OK to get a imperfectly imprinted one to save a little money. The only issue with mine is that at some point this bible was supposed to be engraved with someone's name on it and they must have changed their mind.

(This one is exactly what I have and its on sale for $19.99 on
I also got a new devotional as well. The 365 Jesus Calling Journaling Devotional. If you've never used a journaling devotional I strongly sugg…

Just a Little Time with Jesus

You ever hear that saying, "When I rise give me Jesus?" Well here is a book that can literally help us do that without taking up loads of time.  For many of us mamas, we don't always have an hour to devote to quiet time with the Lord in the morning, no matter how much we'd like some seasons of life only afford us bite sized quiet times. 
And that is why I like Sheila Walsh's devotional 5 Minutes with Jesus Peace for today.  It allows to get a quick devotional and backs it up with Scripture. And for moms who are always busy, peace is always a good place to star the day off with. 
Even if you don't have the time to do the devotional, skip past it to the nuggets of Scripture and treasure them up in your heart. I think this devotional will get even more use from me after I give birth and my level of busyness gets higher.
Below are actual (personal) photos of the devotional. As you can see from the photo on the right, the devotional is not TOO big that it cannot …

A Dolphin Wish

So we got this book in the mail. And I was stoked to get it for my oldest girl because it is by Natalie Grant and she loves Natalie Grant's music. So this is just ONE book in a series of books Natalie Grant is releasing. And I love it because the older siblings don't leave out their younger sister, and I have that exact amount of girl children.
It's a chapter book, which is good because the longer the book, the more it captures my daughter interest. The series is about sisters Mia, Maddie, and Lulu. Mia and Maddie are twins. In this book they are supposed to be on vacation however, the girls learn of a mystery at  Captain Swashbuckler’s Adventure Park. And with these girls loving to solve mysteries, they enlist their nanny Miss Julia to take them to the Adventure Park to the solve the mystery. 
One thing I love about this series is that the girls are not off on their own with no form of supervision in place, as many of the TV shows out now, we see children going on all so…

The Berenstein Bears are Christians?!

How many of us remember the Berenstein Bears? They were are apart of my childhood and now they are apart of my children's childhood as well.
And the best part? They're Christians!
My children absolutely loved this book. It's one day in their life as they celebrate Easter Sunday or as many of us call it Resurrection Sunday. The best part is that it isn't not all about "Easter" that most tend to focus on but Jesus. They learn about what they are really celebrating and what it means for them. Salvation. And that's why I am glad my children have it because they can read about it too. 
Also if you notice the author is a little different from the original authors. Mike Berenstein is the son of Stan and Jan Berenstein. And I must say he does a phenomenal job continuing the series and adding Christianity to the series, which is something that was not quite in place before. 
They've definitely just gained loyal readers out of us!

{FYI: I received this book th…

Biff & Becka Stupendous Vacation

Rarely do I come across a book that I have to shelve for a while but this is one of those books. It isn't particularly good for my children's age groups (8, 4, 1). It was entirely too wordy and because it only came via e-book my oldest couldn't really "get into" the book. I think that if we'd gotten a paper copy of the book, she would have enjoyed it more. Odd, I know considering most kids love anything electronic but when it comes to books my kids are old fashioned like their mama, paperback me please.  
I do think it's great content for Christian families and children to learn about. Biff learns alot in the book about his character and being content. However I will admit it is heavily laden with Scripture almost to the point of being TOO much for a children's book.  I know for some it would be an issue that these are rabbits doing everything as humans. However I understand that the author was hoping to better capture the interest of children by usi…

Strong & Kind

As a parent have you ever sat down to think of character traits you wanted to instill in your children?
I mean, sure kids have those ingrain traits but all of those traits are not good nor do we want them to sustain those traits. For example, Caleb (our 4 year old) has developed a tendency to be selfish with his things and while if left unchecked could become a very nasty character trait to have. As parents we have chosen to prune his character early and abolish that tendency before it becomes a hardcore character trait.
I'd been reading the book Strong & Kind by Korie Robertson and if you watch Duck Dynasty then you know who she is. If you don't then, here's a quick update: Korie is the wife of  Willie who now the head of the family business. She's been a mama for over twenty years, so I'd say she's got plenty of practice and experience.

I'd made it my business to add this book to my collection because I have yet to read anything from this family that…