Sunday, December 27, 2015

NKJV Foundation Study Bible

So as you all know oftentimes I get a chance to review new books and bibles.
A new bible that I recently got my hands on, is the NKJV Foundation Study Bible.

I was curious about this study bible as I do have a NKJV bible, the Duck Commander bible, however it has no study or foot notes.

So I got my hands on this one, and while it is nice. It does lack the extent of notes that my Life Application study bible has. It really did not suit me at all. For it to be a foundation study bible, I expected for this bible to have more in-depth study notes than it does as that is one of the main purposes behind using a study bible.

I gave the bible away as a gift to my husband's cousin so that he could have his first study bible (he's a fairly new believer, yet God has been seriously moving in his life as he's just been ordained as a deacon). 

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