Friday, December 5, 2014

The Duck Commander Bible

Now I will admit, I LOVE getting new bibles. It gives me the butterflies when I get ready to read the Word of God in a new bible, I get to make new markings, it's almost like I'm reading the Word of God for the first time. 

So when I get the chance to read the Duck Commander Bible, I am over the moon as I admire Phil & Al Robertson for holding true to their beliefs in the Word of God regardless to any and everything.

That being said this bible gets 2 thumbs up! 5 stars!!

I enjoy the readings penned by Phil & Al that are included in the bible based on their five core values: faith, family, fellowship, forgiveness, and freedom. This is my first NKJV bible ever and I enjoy this version much more than I thought I would. There are not notes, which I did not expect as it is not a study bible. Without the notes, it leaves the font large enough for me to be able to read without my glasses on (yay!!!). I love the quality of the bible as the paper is not too thin where I would think I could rip the pages just from turning the pages.

I think what has set this bible apart from every other bible I own is that it feels personalized by Phil & Al Robertson. None of my other bibles has that personalized feel to it, like they put their stamp on their devotionals and articles (not the Word itself).

I recommend this as an every day bible, I've been reading it in conjunction with my NIV Essential Study Bible to have the different bible versions to flip back and forth with. I also read it as an everyday bible when I want the Word of God without the interpretations or notes of anyone else below it.

So I ask, what do you think?

Tell the truth and love immensely,

{FYI: I received this book in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

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