Wednesday, January 29, 2014

To Home-school Or Not to Home-school

Recently I decided to include more of what home-schooling looks like for us. As we are not a traditional home-schooling family. By traditional I mean completely detached from the public school system, your own lesson plans, your own curriculum. We participate in FLVS (Florida Virtual School), which is an online k-12 school that is apart of Florida public school system.

What we have done however is add in a bible lesson each morning before starting the day's lesson (which I teach to my daughter. Then she does an online assessment afterwards to show her understanding and knowledge.). What I can say I really like about FLVS is that they provide all the curriculum FREE of cost your family, all you need is a computer, internet access, and a telephone (for teachers to call and check monthly). This works best for my family when we started homeschooling because we've been on a strict budget. I know people say well find freebies online and print them out. That can take up quite a bit of money as well considering printer ink and paper has to continuously bought.

(This is our kiddos in the morning doing our Bible lesson, in which they copy a verse from the Bible and we discuss it.)

Now I will admit we are considering the ABEKA system this year. It does require purchasing the curriculum, however we keep the curriculum after the year is over which is one thing I really like. I also like that the entire curriculum is Bible based. So hubby is really leaning toward that curriculum for the kids going forward. And honestly so am I. I like having the free curriculum and taking the guesswork out of lesson planning BUT I hate having to keep up with public school's schedule & turning in assignments for someone else to grade. I do like that they keep a grade book, which is something I would have to do. 

So it will be quite the weighing of pros and cons over the next month or so (which is when we would buy the ABEKA curriculum for the fall).

So tell me what do you think about ABEKA (if you have used it)? Or recommend to me some good home-school curriculum.


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