Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home Management

 For the Lord your God moves about in your camp to protect you and to deliver your enemies to you. Your camp must be holy, so that he will not see among you anything indecent and turn away from you. (Deuteronomy 23:14)

I am the keeper of my home (how I view the camp in this verse). It's my job to keep the peace in my home, to invite God into my home daily. It's my job to teach my children the Word of God. It's my job to guard my home.

There are many things I am doing in an effort to make our lives a bit more simple and easy considering our new addition arriving in the spring. One thing I've purposed to do is have a better handle on our home.

I have to invite God into my home. I want God to be at home in my home. I want God to dwell in my home with my family. To protect us and not find anything indecent among us. I have to guard my home's peace and atmosphere. I have to set the "temperature" for my home. One way to do this is to guard my spirit (my attitude and thoughts, my heart).

I mean the WHOLE house. I've gotten into the habit of washing a load of clothes once every few days so that they will not get too backed up. I've noticed that when I don't feel so overwhelmed with housework, my spirit is not so riled up.

 Now I'm on to getting everyone onto a routine (I won't say schedule because some days we sleep in, others we're up before the sun, but I want to keep the routine the same). This is more than me wanting to do this but my husband, the leader of my home, requesting that we all be on a routine, that we all be in decency and order. And as his helper, the keeper of our home, it's up to me to instill it.

One thing that's getting fixed in permanent is Bible copy-work time, which we do after breakfast then we discuss the verse/passage. I decided to implement this as Cupcake (our 6 yr old daughter) reads pretty well now and soon I will have a newborn to care for on top of Happy Feet (our 2 yr old son) and will need to have a more simple but still effective Bible time with the kids.

The next thing is meal planning. I've read the blogs where some meal plan for an entire month. That doesn't work for us. Some days I'll have a meal in mind and before I start cooking I'll get a suggestion or request for something different (using the same/similar ingredients). So what I have started doing is deciding what meats I plan to cook with while grocery shopping then I may meal plan weekly, leaving room for change.

Next thing on my list is detaching from Social Media. Even when I'm not posting, I may be on..reading. 
I think it will be in my entire family's best interests that I back up off of Social Media especially because I know my time will be cut short soon. Not only is my time cut short but my focus does not need to be so much on Social Media, my phone or computer BUT on God, my family and my home.

So I want to create boundaries for myself. These boundaries will limit me to only so much time on social media a day. I'm thinking max at 2 hours a day, since I have a Good Morning Girls group that I participate in. I want to have only so much time on social media. I want to focus more on God than on social media. I want to give my family more of my undivided attention.

 This will be the biggest change in habits for me.

So tell me, what are some ways to create boundaries? Have you created boundaries for yourself? How did it go?

(Cupcake and Happy Feet after church at their great-grandparents' house)


  1. I love this and plan on creating some boundaries in my home as well. As I invite God into my home more also. I love this article. Needed to see this!


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