Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Birthday!!!

I guess you can tell when you've grown up right?! 
You are no longer concerned with the gifts you receive but the thought behind the gifts and the love felt in the gift.
LOL! My 26th birthday just passed (yes my actual age) and I am overwhelmed with the Love I received. 
My husband gave me exactly what I wanted. Literally. I asked to eat at The Cheesecake Factory at Millenia Mall and he gave me the bonus of going to see Madea's Christmas! 
My mommy sent me a dozen of chocolate covered daisy shaped pineapples. Anyone who knows me during this pregnancy I LOVE FRUIT. It's a must that I eat fruit daily.
Then in the mail after my birthday I receive the sweetest birthday cards. One from my mommy in Chicago, IL and one from my mommy-in-law in Austin, TX. They are the SWEETEST cards EVER. I love the words and they mean so much to me. 
If you come to my house right now you will see them proudly display with the Christmas cards we have received this week.

So what was your best birthday? And what made it so special?

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