Saturday, December 28, 2013

Making it Last pt II

I posted the question: What is your advice on staying married?
This what people have had to say from around the web..... 

Keeping God first. Humble self. Seek to please the other person- Kesha from Twitter

Stay loyal, strong, and faithful to your other half. Never give up, always pray and have God guide you. - Antonio from Facebook

God as your foundation everything else will fall into place. Listen, love each other in the good and bad times support each other, encourage each other, pray together. The list goes on all things positive all will be well.- Tiffany from Facebook

Pray together. Be careful who you seek advice/help from.- Christina from Facebook 

You can't speak to a single person about married situations and you can't speak and seek advice from someone who has never been in a respectful and loving relationship. -Alfreda from Facebook

 Remember that a marriage is a partnership and in order for that partnership to be successful you must be together on everything.... - Peyton from Facebook

Put God first. Be committed to each other in every way. Don't let a bunch of people in your marriage. Pray together daily. Know when to talk and when to hear your mate. Don't go to bed angry. -Don from Facebook

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