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Victim of Grace

To put into words an accurate description of this book that needs to be understandable...

First word that comes to mind? Graceful. This book shares stories of grace from Robin Jones Gunn life as well as stories of grace from the bible that she has related to different stories of her own life.  There is so much that can be learned in this book. Granted its full of stories but those stories are lessons waiting to be learned and applied.
There are a few chapters that stood out for me completely, even after I finished reading.  One such chapter is chapter 6, Banner Word. This chapter stood out to me because I love to read, I enjoy writing and sharing. Something I share with Robin Jones Gunn. And after reading this chapter I have prayed for my own Banner Word. One that I can study and can learn from.  Another chapter is chapter 4, A Blessing Inside the Obedience. This chapter stood out because I tend to have a problem being obedient at all times, especially when I can't see past the moment. …


As a person where do you stand?
Are you one who spectates and comments or are you one who realizes that what you see may not be all there is? Lately I have been observing quite a few things with people and one thing that seems to be prevalent is people having a religious spirit. What I mean by a religious spirit, is those people who feel that there are certain dos and don'ts of being a Christian and if any one does what they deem to be a don't, then that person is not a true Christian.  Now of course there are some things that are not up for discussion among the actions of a Christian such as choice of lifestyle. For example, God, Himself, says homosexuality is an abomination and that has not changed. But then there are the things that fall in the "grey area" such as people who have gotten tattoos; different people believe different things. Yet at the end of the day what matters is that person's heart. If they have heart to please the Lord, then that's all that…

Whew....a little update

Hi Everyone! Sorry its been a little while since I last posted. I've been pretty busy. 
First with college, I am finishing my Bachelor's in Accounting online at Ashford University. The classes have gotten quite difficult and time consuming. On top of that my husband is in his second year at Ashford and I'm helping him with his classes as well.
Second, I recently got a job working outside the home at Krispy Kreme. It's of course not the best job and is down right tiring but it helps out our finances for the time being.  {Honestly? I wish I could have found a decent paying job working from home but hey a job is a job.} 
So as far as reading and reviews are going. I have quite a few books coming soon. They include Prototype, Honest to God and Victim of Grace.
I hope to get at least 1 or 2 regular posts out sometime within the next month. 
I'm in learning season, so I'm not really heavily sharing. But please do tell me if there's anything you've learned this spri…