Friday, April 19, 2013

Homeschooling For Our Family

Our family of course does not fall into the traditional category of homeschooling as we adhere to Florida State standards and we use the Florida Public school curriculum through their FREE homeschool program (K-12, through Connections Academy). I love homeschooling because when Kaylee succeeds, I'm right there to cheer her on.

So that was my disclaimer, for families who are strictly doing more traditional homeschooling methods and curriculum. I chose this form of homeschooling because it works very well for us as the homeschooling parents (I find it very hard to put together a curriculum and it can be quite expensive purchasing one).

So this curriculum actually works as it includes (for Kindergarten) sight word reading books and Kindergarten level reading books. What I love is that Kaylee has a homeroom teacher who checks in with us monthly for an assessment to see that Kaylee is not only learning but also to point out areas, that I may not have recognized, to work with Kaylee on. That is one of the main things I appreciate about going through the public school homeschooling option is that while I am my daughter's everyday teacher, she has a state certified teacher who checks in and helps out. The other thing that I love is that while Kaylee is homeschooled, she does have the option to interact with her "classmates" through group video chat biweekly (for lessons and show & tell). 

Now as far as bible study goes, I add that in daily as we read from three different children's bibles (we like to mix it up), we also have two prayer books we read from..and my babies love to worship to music. Their favorite worship artist: Kari Jobe...specifically her tracks Steady My Heart and Find You On My Knees. You want to hear my kids start worshiping no matter what they are doing...put on Kari Jobe.

Our routine has changed to us getting up by 6:30 am. We're up brushing teeth, bathtime,  reading, worshiping, praying, and eating breakfast. By 8am, we're buckled down for school work for Kaylee. Caleb likes to color and he loves music, so that's what he does. By 12pm we're eating lunch and cleaning up then its afternoon free-time until Daddy gets home. After Chris is home, we wind down for dinner and bedtime by 7:30pm.

I know of course this schedule would not work for all families but the point is to get on some type of schedule so that your children are aware of what the day will be like, there will be less fuss because they already know. Now I'll be honest there are many days that we get off schedule and that's okay, that's one of the many perks of homeschooling. 

So if you homeschool, what is your schedule like? Are there any curriculum you particularly like for your children? Any that you would recommend?

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