Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

          This year my husband and I elected to sleep through the New Year, as we have done since we have been together. I realize that there is no new to make the "new year, new me" proclamations. I'm just saying with the new year comes another year for the Lord to unravel His plans and Will for our lives. I'm thankful to wake up this morning, that my loved ones woke up this morning as well.

       This year was definitely our BEST year YET. We're finally settling into a routine of sorts. I feel emotionally and spiritually closer to my husband. I feel that he is in sync with me as well. I love that he can automatically tell my mood and a lot of times my thoughts. I love that he will speak truth to me regardless to if I get offended or not and loves me through it all.

     Our children have grown. Our daughter, Kaylee, is reading now and writing well. Our son is walking, talking, and demanding. We are actually hoping to add a third child to our family within the next year. Life is great. This time last year we were settling into Orlando and now I feel like an actual resident of Orlando.

     I've started blogging more. And now I am reviewing books. {My new favorite hobby}

So here is some of 2012 in photos :)

^^^ Kaylee's 5th Birthday at Aquatica!

^^ Kaylee and Caleb :)

^^ SeaWorld....Blue Horizons

^^^ Having fun in Target!

^^ Easter 2012

^^At a Birthday Party in March.

^^ At an arcade

^^ Waiting at the Dr office in May

Love to you all!
Kris Bush


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