Friday, October 19, 2012

Dream and Thirst

Y'all I am just a ball of nerves! In roughly 10 hours my (very short) book Dream and Thirst ( goes live for sale on Amazon Kindle! I priced it at 6.99 so that its affordable and I may even lower the price after a couple weeks. I just pray that it helps someone somewhere. I pray that everything I have gone through in life can help someone else either avoid going through the heartache and pain or help them rise above the heartache and pain. If you decide to purchase the book please let me know and leave a comment on Amazon. I would greatly appreciate any and all support. 

The book itself is a look into my journey with God. I went from going through the motions to deciding I wanted out of a meaningless existence and I wanted a tangible real relationship with the Lord. Out of that want came an encounter with the Lord that has LITERALLY shaped and changed my LIFE. I encountered the Lord in a dream and the impact of that dream left me when an unquenchable thirst for the Lord. I crave His attention and presence in my life. And I am sharing this so you too can decide to want more and ask the Lord for His attention and presence in your life. SEEK Him with everything you've got, with your entire being and I can guarantee you will have that encounter with the Lord too. It may not come in the same packaging as mine but it will be just as powerful!

My loves have a great weekend. Give the Lord some time every single day! He is your first love and your first spouse, treat Him as such.

Kris Bush

(The Amazon listing ID is B009TA0YO4. I thank you again for reading and for your support!)



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