Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Truth and Love

The truth is located in the bible. A beautifully written manual on life. There is a verse for every feeling, every situation. It's in the bible that we learn who God is. His likes and dislikes. We can learn how he wants to be worshiped, in truth and in spirit. Another thing we learn is to trust God. Trust God like Abraham trusted God. We learn to worship God like David worshiped God. We learn to be obedient like Jesus.

I've been reading the book of Psalm lately. And it has been so enlightening. You want a verse for comfort, Look to Psalm 18:2 (The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold). I love this verse, it lets my know that I can seek refuge in God, I can seek comfort in Him. 
Be thankful for what you have been given in life. Ever hear people say that their portion is perfect? Well that's because they understand their portion is from God, and God doesn't make mistakes. Psalm 16:5 (Lord you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure) clearly outlines the fact that what we have, God gave. There is no mistake. 

Don't worry that your portion doesn't look like the next person's portion. Don't worry when you read another person's blog/Facebook/Twitter. What God gave them, is for them. What God has for you, is perfect for you. You will never know what that person had to walk through to get what they have. Just like they will never know what you have been through. 

God gave us this life so He can be glorified. This is completely evident by the praise and worship given to God throughout the book of Psalm. Psalm is also a great book to read when you need to strengthen your faith and trust in the Lord. Because it was MORE than clear that David literally trusted God WITH HIS LIFE. And if David can do it, so can we.

Don't give up. Strengthen your faith daily. Trust in God for ALL things, not some. Know that God searches the heart and the mind. He knows your motives, He knows your secrets. He's just waiting for you to trust Him with it all. Know that Jesus loves you, ALWAYS HAS, ALWAYS WILL.

~The Lord be with you!
~Kris Bush
{my older sister (right) & I}

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