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Truth and Love

The truth is located in the bible. A beautifully written manual on life. There is a verse for every feeling, every situation. It's in the bible that we learn who God is. His likes and dislikes. We can learn how he wants to be worshiped, in truth and in spirit. Another thing we learn is to trust God. Trust God like Abraham trusted God. We learn to worship God like David worshiped God. We learn to be obedient like Jesus.

I've been reading the book of Psalm lately. And it has been so enlightening. You want a verse for comfort, Look to Psalm 18:2 (The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold). I love this verse, it lets my know that I can seek refuge in God, I can seek comfort in Him. 
Be thankful for what you have been given in life. Ever hear people say that their portion is perfect? Well that's because they understand their portion is from God, and God doesn't make …


Hi everyone I was thinking of starting to do LIVE video bible study. Some people can't always attend bible study at church. I for one cannot always because one, my pastor has not gotten here yet for us to even start bible study and two my husband works extremely long hours so our car is tied up.

So I decided to start a online bible study one that will edify people and allow for input. I plan to email out study guides to make it easier to follow along. As well as take suggestions for each week's study or even if someone else wants to host the study.

Give me your thoughts and input.
If you prefer to email instead of comment on here. Please do email

~The Lord be with you

Feelings and Marriage.

Marriage is this beautiful covenant between a man and a woman taken before God. It's a covenant with God as the rope that binds together. However some people don't realize these truths. When you get married, you give up your selfishness. Marriage makes you serve, your spouse. Marriage makes you put someone else first. Now don't think that I've got the perfect marriage, because I DON'T. I'm learning as I go along and sharing what I've learned along the way. 

I've been that person, the one that thought that I could allow my feelings to lead me through life. That I could depend on my feelings. However I had to learn that my feelings kept me in some miserable situations because I thought I was in love. It was when I told my feelings to shove it, that I started to become a better person and to want better. It was when I told my feelings to shove it and I moved on, that God literally brought me to my husband's attention. And yes I have told my feelings to …