Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tithes & Your Pastor

I've noticed that many people who sit in church every Sunday have a problem with (a) tithing and (b) their pastor's living being paid for by the church. I know this because at one point I was one of those people. I thought that if a pastor preached, that it was his choice. So why should my tithes pay for his lifestyle. Then I got under a certain leader, my current leader, and I was able to see her on a more regular basis so I am able to see all the work that goes into being our leader and I knew that her being provided for through our tithes was more than fair. 

Then I've been reading lately and I come across 1 Corinthians chapter 9. In my opinion its the chapter that completely discusses the fact that its a pastor's 'right' to be provided for from the gospel that he/she preaches. Paul also states that he does not assert this right. It would probably take away from the gospel to assert this right, so he focuses on the preaching the gospel. Paul takes this from Leviticus 6:16,26 where God tells the people of Israel that Aaron & his sons (the priests of the tribe of Levi) had the right to partake in what was left over after the offerings.

This is to remind people to remember to tithe. Many of your blessings are dependent on your obedience to faithfully tithing. Do not worry or ask about where your money is going for it is not of your concern. What is of your concern is that you are obedient to God's Word. 

Your pastor is someone who prepares regularly, throughout the week. Its not an one night crash session to be ready, they are prepping all week and receiving instruction from God all week. Believe it or not, them preaching to you, sometimes takes a lot of of them. Because your pastor is being used and when being used it takes a lot of energy. So thank God that you have a leader who wants to be used to bring the gospel to you from Him and that they are obedient to Him.

Go pray for your leader and tell them thank you!

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