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Marriage to GOD.

Today is was thinking about GOD and His love. I then started thinking about marriage and how we honor our marriages. Then I remembered that GOD always uses marriage when talking about His love for us and Christ's relationship with the church.

I think when we commit to GOD, we need to commit like a marriage covenant with His. You know the vows right? Make them to GOD. You married? Have your spouse make them to GOD as well.

To have and to hold. This means daily having and holding. For a relationship with GOD this means to study Him, to pray to Him, to consistently get to know.

For better and for worse. This means to literally stay in GOD's will, in His love no matter what! Doesn't matter who gets sick, who leaves, who dies. You remain by GOD's side, never letting go of His hand.

For richer and for poorer. You are now vowing to GOD to stay by His side, doing His will, living for Him regardless to what blessings He bestows upon you. You are saying GOD doesn't matter if I&#…

Tithes & Your Pastor

I've noticed that many people who sit in church every Sunday have a problem with (a) tithing and (b) their pastor's living being paid for by the church. I know this because at one point I was one of those people. I thought that if a pastor preached, that it was his choice. So why should my tithes pay for his lifestyle. Then I got under a certain leader, my current leader, and I was able to see her on a more regular basis so I am able to see all the work that goes into being our leader and I knew that her being provided for through our tithes was more than fair. 

Then I've been reading lately and I come across 1 Corinthians chapter 9. In my opinion its the chapter that completely discusses the fact that its a pastor's 'right' to be provided for from the gospel that he/she preaches. Paul also states that he does not assert this right. It would probably take away from the gospel to assert this right, so he focuses on the preaching the gospel. Paul takes this from L…