Monday, March 19, 2012


If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.
SO in light of this information. Choose to stand for truth, for God's Word. Choose to stand to always do what's right.
God himself says that vengeance is His and His alone. If we want justice we do it the right way, pursue it legally and then take it and leave it in God's capable hands. Trusting that He will justify the right and will serve justice.
That's the BEST we can do for any and every situation. Getting angry over the situation and trying to get justice on your own is NOT trusting God and His Word.

Pray for those who hurt you, pray for those who hurt others. Pray for those who sin and have no remorse.
That is the best you can do PRAY and pray sincerely without asking for harm to befall them. Pray that God has mercy upon them.

Then you STAND. Stand tall and stand firm on God's will. Whenever you are having negative thoughts or the urge to do something not in God's will, you stand firm and quote scripture.

And even if people, man's government does not offer justice rightly. You stand firm that God will serve justice. God can touch a person where you or I never could. God can touch the mind so that there is no peace. God can turn that person over satan and allow satan to torment that person for their wrongdoing. So pray for mercy for the wrongdoer. Ask God for mercy.

And repent for every negative word towards the wrongdoer. You may not quite understand, but we are not charged to anger nor hatred but to love and compassion. This is becoming of God's children.

Vengeance is mine said the Lord.

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