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There will be times that you will feel down and out & you will look for someone to lean on. Where do you turn? To people or to God? I've recently learned that first turn to God.

I recently had the experience of feeling so broken that I could no longer hold in how I felt and afterwards it felt like a dam had broke! I had cried tears and then I went to bed and the next morning, I woke up feeling like a new person!
That my friends is the work of God, to take your spirit while it is broken and make you whole again.
You just have to give Him all the pieces.

For me this feeling of wholeness came after I finally let out what I had been holding in. I finally trusted my husband with my deepest feelings. It came when I finally decided to trust God with everything in me. And I PROMISE you I feel so different. I feel whole.
At first I felt broken and in a state of despair. I felt like I had no one and couldn't trust anyone. And then I released to God and released to my spouse.
Now I …


If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.
SO in light of this information. Choose to stand for truth, for God's Word. Choose to stand to always do what's right.
God himself says that vengeance is His and His alone. If we want justice we do it the right way, pursue it legally and then take it and leave it in God's capable hands. Trusting that He will justify the right and will serve justice.
That's the BEST we can do for any and every situation. Getting angry over the situation and trying to get justice on your own is NOT trusting God and His Word.

Pray for those who hurt you, pray for those who hurt others. Pray for those who sin and have no remorse.
That is the best you can do PRAY and pray sincerely without asking for harm to befall them. Pray that God has mercy upon them.

Then you STAND. Stand tall and stand firm on God's will. Whenever you are having negative thoughts or the urge to do something not in God's will, you stand firm and …


Everything that comes forth from your mouth whether it be vocally or via posts/statuses will be tested especially if they are not true. <<--- This was told to me. Granted I knew this however I'd always thought that if you want things to be so, speak them into existence so that they will become so.
So I may not feel this way however I am speaking against those feelings and calling better feelings into existence (ex.).
I say this because many of us have to realize the two-part fold. Once you speak something into existence that does not exist (better feelings, better relations) you will be tested to see if you will really uphold what you spoke. To see if you are truly committed to bringing forth it into existence.

Life is about accountability. Are you accountable for your actions? Are you accountable for your feelings? I ask these two questions because people in general are good for seeing the flaws and faults in another but rarely do they look in the mirror and point our the f…