Saturday, February 11, 2012

True forgiveness

When a person apologizes for their behavior, how do you forgive?
Are you one of those people who say I forgive you but I won't forget what you did? If so be forewarned that you aren't truly forgiving that person. If you bring up q person's past mistakes, EVERY time you argue then please understand that you NEVER forgave them. You simply pacified the situation.
To truly forgive is to actually forget. You accept the apology & you leave the incident in the past where it belongs. You don't bring it up every chance you get and you certainly don't use it to guilt trip.
Think about forgiveness the way you want to be forgiven by God. When you repent for your sins, I'm sure you want God to forgive you & never hold it against you. I'm sure when God forgives us, He doesn't consistently bring up our past mistakes & failures afterwards. He wipes the slate clean & forgets your mistake.
That is how we as people need to forgive.
Remember Jesus said the measure you use to judge is how you will be judged. That applies to mercy & forgiveness. That's why it's said forgive that you may be forgiven.
You can fake forgiveness but God will know & will hold you to that.

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