Saturday, March 5, 2011


Wisdom is more than good quotes you got from someone else, its more than quoting the bible. Wisdom is the ability to understand these things so that before you have the audacity to speak them you have full knowledge of their meaning. Wisdom is those times that others are shouting and you are quiet as a church mouse observing all that is being said. I have cousins that are deciding to read the entire Book of Proverbs this month. I think its a great idea, I also think because of the wisdom and knowledge they are trying to gain that they should do more than just read it, they need to meditate on it and fully get an depth understanding of the Book of Proverbs.
Wisdom is something many of us want, some think we have, and very few of us actually obtain it. I say pray and ask God for understanding and wisdom. Once you have some level of wisdom & once you start gaining revelational knowledge, you'll start to look many things differently.

Have a blessed Saturday!

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